Monday, 30 June 2014

"gluster-deploy" Updated to Support Multiple Volume Configurations

When I started the gluster-deploy project, the main requirement I had for a gluster setup wizard was to support a single volume configuration. However, over time that's changed - in no small part, due to OpenStack!

Once glusterfs provided support for OpenStack, multi-volume setups were needed to support different volumes for glance and cinder, each optimised for their respective workloads.

So this requirement slowly rose to the top of my to-do list, and now version 0.8 is available on the gluster forge. The 0.7 and 0.8 releases have extended the tool to provide:

  • support for thin provisioned gluster bricks based on LVM
  • support for raid alignment of the bricks (through globals set in the deploy.cfg file)
  • more flexibility on the node discovery page (you can now change you mind when defining which peers to use in your config)
  • introduced a volume queue concept to allow multiple volume to be defined in a single run
  • provide the ability to change characteristics of the volumes in the queue
  • added the ability to mount volumes defined for hadoop across all nodes (converged storage + compute use case)
  • provide the ability to set a tuned profile across all nodes during the brick creation phase

Here's a video showing the tool running against a beta version of the new Red Hat Storage 3.0 product, which also provides a quick taste of volume level snapshots that are coming in version 3.6 of glusterfs.

Onwards, towards 1.0!